Friday, December 5, 2008

Post-Modern Architecture--In Class Writing Assignment

Research the work of Frank Gehry online. Choose one work either completed or in progress and write a reflection. Use descriptive concrete language to describe the form of the work of architecture that you choose. You may include your opinion about the work and the film shown in class. Do you admire it or are you critical?


chasity said...

I find the architect Frank Gehry work incrediably inspiring. My favorite piece of his work would be “The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (open to the public in 1997).” This building is a modern and contemporary art museum; which is located in Bilbao, Spain. I really like this building for the reason that Frank broke the rules that most architects chose to follow. The walls are not at a ninedy degree angl;, instead they are curved in an oraganic and futuristic fashion. Frank’s style follows the deconstructivism architecture(manipulating strctures, non-rectiliner shapes, which distort and dislocate the architecture), andbecause of this decision and his well power to stand up for his beliefs made him stand out from all others. When the waves from the river and the light from the sun relfect off the mirror like windows, the building apears to have a spiratual life upon it. There is no building in this world like it and that’s why I find it so incrediably interesting . This building is an inspirational and peacful work of art that all can enjoy and admire.

Terena Ribeiro said...

The Hotel Marques De Riscal is definitely one of my favorite buildings that Frank Gehry ever built. Its crazy looks make you think that the building is a toy. I love the organic shapes that flow among themselves but that still seem not to belong anywhere. It also seems that those shapes at top are not attached to the building itself.
After watching the movie, I can have a much better understanding of Gehry’s idea of what goes in his mind and what made him design that. It surprises me that there is not much that goes in his mind, he makes a crazy fast sketch or scribbling full of line that almost contradict each other, and shapes that go against each other and he makes it happen. It is almost like a little kid’s mind, only the kid understands what she/he drew.
The way he makes his mock up is very interesting also, he just glues things, different kinds metal, and different textures on op of each other. It is a sculpture that Frank transforms into a building.

Jessica Bounds said...

Frank Gehry - The Dancing House

The Dancing House ( built in 1992 and completed in 1996) is a name given to the natonale - Nederlanden building in Prague. This quite uniquely built structure stands on a extremely small river-front lot. The original building was destroyed during the 1945 boming or Prague. Once rebuilt these two buildings were named Fred and Ginger, after two of old Hollywood very famous actors.These two buildings were also named people based on there appearance of a dancing man and woman. These buildings came alive with the Czech ex president Vaclav Havel who had grew up in the building that had inhabited the River-front property . Havel ordered the first ever architectural study from Vlado Milunic. Once the study was complete that Dutch bank had agreed to build a new architectural building. Both the bank and Havel asked Mulunic to invited a world renound architect to help design the building. Upon Jean Nouvel decline of the invitation, Frank Gehry graciously accepted the offer. With a budget with almost no ends; Gehry created a Landmark in the Czech Republic in a space of only 491 square meters

Lee.L said...

L. Lee
The Guggenheim Museum is a prime example of Frank Gehry’s contemporary architectural design. Like many of his other structures, the Guggenheim Museum as a more organic shape than many architectures today. When it comes to form vs. function, Gehry focuses solely on form more than function. His design has a sense of motion in the design. Gehry has a lot of control with his design not only in how it looks or how visitors look at it; but how the visitors move in his structure. I think his designs are more for theatrical viewing, and not for occupancy. His design is not necessarily planned, but appears more random in design to fulfill the organic look. Gehry’s architectural designs can be described as a “bond with nature.” I can tolerate his design when it for public display; but as a structure used for inhabitance, NO.

danny fogel said...

I think that Frank Gehry has created some of the most innovative and inspiring architecture. My favorite work of his is his house. Located in Santa Monica, California his own house looks like a collision of parts. Light wood frame, corrugated metal, and linked chain were used through out the design which helped give a “deconstructive post-modern” look to it. The deliberately slanted lines and angled dimensions in this work really work together for a unique piece of architecture.

Triston said...

M.I.T. Campus Building in cambridge, ma

I chose this building because if this were any other white building it would be just an after thought to everyone who looked at it. It is one of his newer buildings, but I like to call it classic Gehry. What I mean when I say "Classic Gehry," is that the building shows his natural creativity when it comes to designing. Gehry brings a child like enthusiasm to a field that is normally more uptight. Most should be, I mean your dealing with peoples safety when you design a building, but that does not mean you can't be imaginative. I think when your designing with something as unforgiving as concrete and steel your design process reflects your environment. That can be good or bad, but more often than not it is a bad thing.

Kynetic said...

DG Bank in Berlin

Personally, this building speaks the most to me. Maybe because from the outside it doesn't quite look like Gehry's work, but on the inside we witness an explosion of Gehry's creativity and ingeniousness.
The most amazing part of, really any of Gehry's creations is just how organic his work seems. Although many of Gehry's critics say that his buildings do not fit into the landscape, i just could not disagree more with them. Nothing in nature resembles the square shape of most of our structures.
Inside the DG Bank in Berlin we can find a web-like glass ceiling and a horse head shaped metal structure which houses conference rooms.
More then anything Gehry's work resembles prehistoric structures built of all organic materials.

Gloria Alejandra said...

Bilbao Museum
By Frank Gehry

The Bilbao Museum its just not a building, it is an art piece. Its an amazing creation of an icon in the architecture and art world, Frank Gehry, the most controversial architect of the late 20th and early 21st century.
The Bilbao building is like nothing else you've seen before. It's outrageously creative, unique, inspirational, breath taking. It is very modern, but with an organic touch. It is a master piece.

Elyse said...

The Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art located on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been a teaching museum for the university since 1934. The museum's current building, was completed in 1993. A new addition was expected to open in 2009. But designs and construction drawings have not been finalized as of April 2008 so it is more likely that the addition will not open until late 2010. The museum is named for Frederick R. Weisman, a man from minneapolis who became well known as an art collector in Los Angeles. He died in 1994. There is another Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art on the campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. The building presents two different personalities that depend on which side it is viewed from. From the campus side, a brick facade is seen that blends with the existing brick and sandstone buildings. On the opposite side, the museum is covered in reflective steel sheets. This side is an abstraction of a waterfall and a fish.
I personally find Gehry's work very inspiring and I really enjoyed the video because I can relate to things he goes through while creating. After studying his work in my other history class, I fell in love with the freeform structures he creates and it reminds me that it is possible to break away from tradition and still be successful.

dh said...

Stata Building

The Stata Center built for MIT opened in 2004, is made up of various materials, steel, mirror, brick, corrugated metal, and aluminum. The building shows Gehry's signature by using sharp angled colums, randomly curved walls everywhere. Pieces come together that look like they are going to collide. This building looks like you are looking at it through one of those carnival mirrors that stretches and skews everything in its path. I really think that it is interesting to look at.

Unfortunately, the building is experiencing cracks in the masonry, leaks, mold, and during the winter ice build up in an unsafe way.
Denise Hutchins

Juindalo said...

Frank Gehry is almost like a hero to me. He building designs are so organic and generic. Not only they are fun to look at, like a strange work of sculpture, but they also apply to the space and are applicable. My favorite is the Walt Disney concert hall. Those shapes are particularily cleaner than many of his other structures, likely because of the material, or perhaps that it is geometric, yet organic with curved sides. I don't know, but it seems cleaner than those of his "toppled" look, where it looks more like a pile of junk than a structure.